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Here at Women With Hope want to publish stories and issues raised by our own members to help people understand the challenges faced by migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. We need to hear your voices!

These stories and pieces about the issues involved in the complex and harrowing reasons why people have to move from their home country will help to promote better understanding and hopefully influence public policy.

So please write your own story – we want to hear from you. Don’t worry about your writing style or your English – we can help edit your words and if you want you can write in your own language and we’ll get it translated. And you don’t need to use your own name if you don’t want to – just let us know and we’ll use another name on the published version.

You can use this form to send your story – we won’t publish it until we have contacted you to talk about it and agree any editing needed.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.