Information from Refugee Women about action to stop a proposed detention centre. The government is planning to open a new immigration detention centre for women this autumn. Hassockfield detention centre is on the site of the notorious Medomsley prison in County Durham, where hundreds of young men were abused in the 1970s and 80s. We must act now to stop it turning into a site of further abuse.

People seeking safety in our country need protection, not to be locked up.

We’re holding a day of action on Thursday 15 July to say #NoToHassockfield.

Most women held in detention are survivors of trafficking, torture, or sexual violence. Detention is harmful, as well as expensive, unjust and unnecessary.

We need more kindness and compassion, not a new detention centre.

Together we can make as much noise as possible to show this government that we oppose this new detention centre. Together we can build a kinder and welcoming response to those seeking safety in our communities.

Please act now to say no to immigration detention and join our day of action on 15 July! You can find suggested posts and resources on our website or please do get in touch with Carenza, at Women for Refugee Women if you have any questions.