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My life has had many ups and downs; a bumpy road that can lead to insecurity and uncertainty. There are times you will question whether you just do not fit in to today’s “society” or people just do not understand you for who you are. A long journey to fight for your rights will always have obstacles. These obstacles build you up for what you can be in the future.

When I was a young child, everything seemed so perfect. I was in my own bubble. Life seemed perfect. Then we moved. Being the young child I was, I did not feel that there was any issue. My mom and I just moving to another city- what was the big deal?

Me being a curious and inquisitive child, I was able to quickly and adjust to my new surroundings. Everything seemed to go back to normal- nothing seemed to be the matter.

Before I knew it, we moved again. On the road, looking at the sky turn to candyfloss, waiting to reach your “home”. A room was what I would call home. Didn’t realise that it was going to be the continuous pattern for the next 5 years or so.

Well, guess what? We moved. Again. Moved to a new city. I began my primary education in this city. I began to fall in love with this city. People were so kind and generous. I had loads of friends. Then they threatened to take that all away from me. And they did. From friends I thought I would have until the end. Gone. Just because me being in the country that they believe belongs to them. The country that I was born in and had lived in my entire life was not enough for me to claim that it was also mine.

The whole process of finding me a new school was another hassle. The only school was 2 bus journeys away, meaning the journey was always a very long one. But I always had a love for school, so I always looked at the positive of having the privilege of learning. I also made my first ever best friend. She was going to be my friend forever, even though we had barely known each other for a week. We would only play with ourselves and we liked it that way. It was fun!

Then, we had to be parted from each other, because of them. The people who just want you to feel miserable.

In 2014, I came to Birmingham: this city seemed very big with lots of people. Then, I met 2 people who I was going to forever consider as family. My time in Birmingham was where I was going to grow up and become more knowledgeable about the system and life.

I lived in various accommodations that ranged from being okay to being absolutely rubbish! The worst I lived in was a flat in Aston. When you looked at the outside it looked very posh, quite sophisticated, and clean. However, once you were inside the building it was a completely different place. A place that the Social Services thought was a suitable environment for a child to grow up in. Where people who would fight and do the most terrible things. Where people would steal things. So much for wanting children to grow up in places that are “safe and “nurturing”.

When I mentioned stealing, it had happened to me. I had this bike that I was trying to learn how to ride, but we could not keep it inside the flat, because there just wasn’t enough space to put it. So, we had to keep it outside the door. One day, we were going out and then we realised it was no longer there. We asked people there if they had seen it, but no-one had seen it. My mum filed a report to the police, and we waited for a response. There was no reply until my mum had to call them herself: they told her that the case was closed, because it wasn’t worth persecuting. I always thought that the police were there to help you when you needed them. But in my case, they didn’t want to help. How do you think a 7-year-old child would feel? I just felt sadness and disappointment.

Finally, we left that terrible flat and moved into a house. For the first time in forever, I had my own room and I settled down in a primary school! And behold, we were granted our leave to remain in 2018. I was able to finish my primary education with great SAT results! I am now in Year 8 at St. Paul’s School for Girls, Birmingham.

Well, my story was filled with ups and down, but I am happy with where I am now. Me looking back at myself grow up over the years just shows how much I have grown in age and wisdom.

I hope my story inspires lots of children who are in the same situation as I was. You are stronger than you know!

Chelsy Ge0rge 2021 13 years old